Ross Smith

Senior Sales Associate | Giordano & Partners

Ross Smith provides to Giordano & Partners an energy and passion for building rapport with clients developed during his career in such diverse fields as legal, administration, management, business development and coaching college football in the United States.

Ross has worked at the Attorney General’s Department in Consumer Affairs where he undertook mediation and conciliation in consumer law disputes. This role sharpened his negotiation skills, and furthered Ross’s client focused outlook and desire to go above and beyond for both sides in a negotiation. During his time in Consumer Affairs Ross was also responsible for administering legislation relating to the real estate industry in South Australia.

Whilst at the Attorney General’s Department Ross also delivered public presentations to community groups regarding succession law, and administered deceased estates. This role evolved into the marketing and sale of real estate associated with deceased estates.

In between these two roles Ross lived and worked in Los Angeles, California for two years. Here he undertook a role as a business development specialist for a construction company operating in the niche environmental protection area. Simultaneously he coached college football at Occidental College, a small exclusive private liberal arts college just North of downtown LA, a role which further enhanced his already considerable team work ethic.

Ross continues to demonstrate via Giordano & Partners his high level of commitment to client service, the ability to think creatively under pressure, outstanding communication skills and a passion for real estate, the genesis of which evolved around building his own property investment portfolio.