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To those who value the very best, Giordano & Partners is the top local real estate agency that offers unrivalled access to distinctive properties around the world. We understand the lifestyle sophisticated clients are looking for can be just as important as the home itself

There is a Fine Art to Selling Residences of Distinction

Just as an art gallery positions and places art for maximum impact, we position your property to place it in its finest light and to showcase its highest value

We Embrace Innovation

Pushing the envelope and doing things ahead of the curve gets us excited. Technology allows us to market your home in an ever changing and ever improving variety of ways

Marketing on a Global Scale

We are not passive in our approach to international marketing. We push to open new markets throughout the world and spotlight our local market to savvy international buyers

A Track Record That Speaks for Itself

Our attention to detail and innovative marketing strategies have led us to be the luxury leader here in Adelaide


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