Marissa Beck

Assistant Property Manager | Giordano & Partners

Marissa brings to Giordano & Partners a bevy of talents including meticulous organizational skills, a superior ability to communicate and consumate professionalism. Most importantly, Marissa displays exceptional customer service in all her dealings with our valued tenants and landlords, ensuring all parties feel their specific needs are met and exceeded.

Her current tertiary studies include a Bachleor of Business with a specific focus in Real Estate. Moreover, her knowledge of business and Property Management has been enhanced through the founding and operating of her own business at the precocious age of 18, through her various work experiences in the Hospitality Industry and her strong commitment to volunteering.

Her ability to go above and beyond in providing our valued clients at Giordano & Partners with exceptional customer service, along with her strong commitment to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner, make her a valuable addition to our team.