Amy Von Frattner

Sales Associate | Giordano & Partners

Drawing upon a diverse professional background, Amy has a total understanding of and sharp focus on all aspects of the luxury market, in particular, providing benefit to her clients over and above just the economic transaction.

Prior to entering into the Real Estate Industry, Amy was immersed in the realm of Artisan Jewellery Manufacturing and Estate Jewellery Sales. This experience greatly contributes to her naturally keen eye for quality luxury assets. An obvious transition into Real Estate transpired, in which Amy was fortunate to receive top-tier insight and education within the industry further cementing her understanding of transacting luxury goods across multiple markets.

Understanding and adaptable, Amy utilises her honed abilities and authentic passion to provide unparalleled tailored service to clients. Coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the sales process, sound negotiation skills and drive, this is the success formula that allows Amy to continue to achieve exceptional results for her clients.

Adelaide born and raised with a wide-spanning family history, Amy is enthusiastic about the local market and the varied lifestyle opportunities that are available here in South Australia. Whether it be from the inner suburbs to the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa, or the Southeast, Amy possesses a genuine passion to represent South Australia’s Premium Luxury Residences in the leading light these standout properties deserve.

Whether you are buying or selling, contact Amy to discuss how we may be of assistance in Elevating your Luxury Property Experience.