Sharyn Yelland

Director Business Development & Projects | Giordano & Partners

“A driven and passionate business & sales professional”

Sharyn Yelland lives her lifestyle beliefs…

Her vision and energy combined with a diverse career of proven business expertise in several arenas has resulted in successful projects that have “been inspired by creativity and driven by passion.”

She takes pride in gaining client respect by ensuring their satisfaction for her professional endeavors and objective flexible vision. Her belief is that everything is possible and we are limited only by our vision and imagination.

Sharyn has great communication and interpersonal skills where she can effectively provide the resources & create a level of confidence for clients to clearly understand and see the vision for their project.

Sharyn is well travelled and regularly visits unique and special places. Always seeking a keen interest in new and differing interior designs, furniture and concepts this allows for the development and implementation of lifestyle ideas, designs and concepts often not available in Australia.

Clearly this experience has provided her a successful pathway to present her clients with some inspirational ideas, international trends and products, unique finds and many creative sophisticated and stylish state of the art concepts.